This is the story of two watch-fanatic friends who had the audacity to start their own watch company.

Peter Carayiannis and Aron Solomon first met because they’re innovators in the legal industry. Their conversations quickly shifted to a lifelong passion in collecting watches and that endless search for the elusive “grail watch” they would be happy wearing every single day.

But Peter and Aron had really never considered creating their own watches until a watch shopping trip in 2017. One afternoon, at a famous vintage watch shop, Peter spoke at length about why he was so passionate about certain watch brands and models, what they had meant in his life, and how he shared this passion with his father. As they spent a couple of hours trying watches and eventually acquiring one each, it dawned on both of them that they would love to make a really high-quality watch that would give not just them but many people the feeling of having something truly exceptional on their wrist.

So the idea of Mission Watch Company was born and our first two years of hard work followed.

What we most want to convey to you is that we are deeply committed to our Mission and always will be. This is what drives us every day:

  1. We will never sell anything we are not excited to have in our collection and wear regularly. Look, we love a lot of watches and probably won’t even wear our own watch every single day. But we promise to make watches so compelling that if you do wear a Mission Watch Company watch every day, you’ll be proud and happy that you’re wearing an exceptional watch. It’s that simple.
  2. Nothing is more important than quality. We will never, ever, EVER cut a corner. If you knew how long it took to decide upon the crown or the strap, you’d laugh. Again – and this may sound selfish – it all goes back to our standards. If we build a watch both of us are not super excited to wear, then why should we expect any of you to wear it? Every component that goes into the watch is the absolute best at or near our price point. The same is true of every element in our supply and manufacturing chain. We work with the best people and use the best components. Nothing else is acceptable, nor will it ever be.
  3. We build according to a vision and a Mission: To build a great watch that is comparable in fit, feel, and finish to far more expensive watches. Our Mission is simple: To make watches people love
  4. Mission watches are a community. We care about every person who wears our watch. We want to know about your love of watches and what brought you to acquire a Mission watch. You can find us on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and, to a lesser extent, YouTube. We want to know you and share our experiences.
  5. Mission watches are meant to last a very long time. Why do $20,000 watches have a monopoly on the notion that you can wear your watch for decades then pass it down to someone you love and admire? Mission watches are not disposable. They are engineered and built to last for a very long time. They are an intelligent and affordable investment in your passion.

Thank you again for visiting our website. We appreciate it and we appreciate you.

Peter and Aron