The Mission Watch Company Promise

If you’re not completely satisfied with any item you purchase from Mission Watch Company Inc, you can return it to us within 30 days of receipt in with original packaging in unworn, unused, condition for a full refund. No questions asked.

The Mission Watch Company One-Year Warranty

All components of any Mission Watch Company timepiece are subject to our one year warranty. All components will function as intended and as described and will be free from defect. Any defect or malfunction in the first year will be completely repaired by the Mission Watch Company, at no cost to you. We will absorb the cost of repair or replacement and we will absorb the cost of shipping.

Shipping, Taxes and Duties


Global shipping remains a real mess as the pandemic continues to affect some nations more than others. And our actual hard costs of shipping have gone through the roof since early 2020. Our shipping all over the world has been slower, as is the case with all businesses. If you are in Canada or the US, your delivery times will still be fairly fast. If you are not in Canada or the US, we will do our utmost to get your package to you as quickly and safely as we can. But between restricted shipping options and slow customs clearance, please be patient with us. Thank you.

All prices on the Mission Watch Company website are in US Dollars.

When purchasing a watch or accessories from us, your total price paid will either show the price for shipping. This will be clearly indicated on the checkout page. For buyers outside of Canada, your price does not include any import duties, customs fees, taxes, VAT, etc. - that is charged by your home country.


  • All import and sales taxes for your country will be paid by you at the time the watch is imported by you and is in addition to the sale price.
  • Final inspection and quality control of Mission watches is completed in Canada. All Mission watches and accessories are shipped to you from Canada.
  • For items shipping to Canada: You will be charged the appropriate GST/HST at checkout but you will not be charged import duties.

    For shipping outside of Canada: Mission Watch Company Inc. is not responsible for taxes or import duties on shipments. Mission Watch Company Inc. does not prepay duties or taxes and you may be required to pay import duties, customs fees, and taxes such as VAT or similar sales taxes in order to complete delivery of your watch. All taxes, duties, levies and charges that your home country may charge are extra and have to be paid by you. Our watches are shipped to countries all over the world, with countless different tax regimes. The taxes and duties are paid for by the buyer at the point in time that the watch is imported into your home country.

    Shipping of Mission watches is done by Canada Post (with tracking) from Toronto or Montreal to your destination around the world. Should exceptional circumstances mandate use of another carrier, we will communicate this clearly to you.


    Damage caused by misuse or abuse, such as scratches to the case or chips and scratches to the crystal or water infiltration caused by failure to securely and tightly screw down the crown, or submerging the watch at a depth which exceeds the rated water resistance of the watch.

    If you damage the watch, please contact us and we will do our best to repair and restore your watch to original condition. Costs of repair and shipping to be paid by you.

    Certificate of Authenticity

    Every item purchased from Mission Watch Company Inc. is 100% authentic.

    We have designed and built our products to exacting specifications.

    Never purchase a Mission Watch Company watch from "grey market dealers" or others claiming to sell genuine Mission Watch Company watches.

    Unused, Unworn Condition

    What do we mean? 

    For a full refund on 30 day returns, all items need to be returned unworn, in their original packaging (including protective covers), and with a completed return form. If the watch is returned in perfect condition, but the strap has been used or marked then a refund will only be given on the watch.


    We understand buying online without first inspecting the watch and trying it on can be difficult.  This is the solution:

    We advise our customers to wrap the watch around their wrist instead of fastening the strap. Essentially once the strap is fully fastened, the watch has now been worn.  If you wrap the watch around your wrist, without fastening the strap, this prevents the strap being damaged and marked and allows you to return everything for a full refund.


    You have acquired a very durable watch. Enjoy wearing your Mission watch in all weather conditions and activities while keeping the following in mind:

    1. For an automatic Mission watch, it is always best not to wind your watch while you're wearing it. This creates an angle that can put pressure on the stem. Quartz watches do not require winding.
    2. Keep your watch clean. The best thing is a quick cleaning with a soft cloth. Water is absolutely fine if your crown is properly screwed down. Soap is really not advisable unless absolutely necessary. Use a pure and very mild soap and rinse thoroughly. Be sure to rinse your watch after exposing it to salt water.
    3. Be careful where you put on, and wind, your watch. We have dropped watches on hard bathroom floors while winding them or putting them on for the day. 
    4. Exercise good sense. Each Mission watch is tested to be durable and able to withstand rigorous normal wear. It is built for your lifestyle. Would we wear a Mission watch to climb Everest or run an Ironman? Probably not. But who knows.
    5. Work on the watch carefully. If you take that sharp little kitchen knife to remove the spring bars to change the strap, sooner or later (probably sooner) you will scratch the lugs and the case. We all have. Use the right tool or give a pro a few dollars to do it for you.